barbecue style


In 2009, this dish was presented as a monthly special. It gained such attention that it became a regular part of our menu. This thick-cut meat is another signature TORAJI dish.


Once the edges become slightly charred, the meat is done. Overgrilling will char the whole piece, so adjust the heat intensity by placing the meat in different locations from the center of the grill.

Heat intensity

High heat



  • 1. Gently place the meat across the grill as though unfurling it.
  • 2. Grill the four sides about forty seconds each to lock in the juice. *For steak-cut meat, grill each for about thirty seconds.
  • 3. Now return the meat to a dish and cut it into sixths. The best size is six but, depending on your party size, a size somewhere between fifths and eighths may be better. Adjust to your group.
  • 4. When returning the meat to the grill, place it on the edges on a spot that is not coated with fat.
  • 5. Once again grill all four sides. Spend forty seconds, forty seconds again, then thirty, and then thirty again for the sides, respectively.
  • 6. Once the meat is grilled, dip in sauce and enjoy.