barbecue style


Offal is one of the best cuts of meat and comes from the beef intestine. This has various names in Japanese, like shimacho and tecchan. Toraji only uses the fattier cuts for a delicious flavor. They are carefully prepared and maintained at their freshest. 


Before you place the meat on the grill, make sure you check the surface. Grill the marbled side first and the fatty side second.

Heat intensity

Somewhat high heat


A little off-center

  • 1. To get the most out of offal, grill the marbled side first.
  • 2. For larger cuts, grill for three minutes; for smaller, about two minutes.
  • 3. Once one side starts to darken from grilling, flip it over.
  • 4. Flip to each fatty side and give a quick 30 second flash of heat.
  • 5. When cooking the fatty side, the oil will drip down, causing the flames to get bigger, so watch out for overgrilling.
  • 6. Once the meat turns golden brown and develops charred edges, it's done.
  • 7. Dip it in sauce and enjoy the juicy flavor.