barbecue style


TORAJI's signature, and served since our founding in luxuriously thick cuts. Through trial and error, we developed a unique method of bringing the salted tongue to table utilizing a never-frozen, chilled technique. We are committed to the best freshness and the best texture.


Once you put the meat on the grill, leave it be. Only touch it with chopsticks when turning it over. Once juice starts to seep out, flip it over.

Heat intensity

High heat



  • 1. Once the grill gets hot, place the meat in the center and let it cook for about two minutes. Make sure the grill stays hot so that any delicious juice stays locked in the meat.
  • 2. Once juice begins to seep out the vein, flip the meat over. Make sure to time this right and flip the meat over immediately.
  • 3. Grill the reverse side for about one minute and forty-five seconds. During this time, enjoy the aroma and the sizzling sound.
  • 4. One key to a delicious piece is getting the edges gently charred. Cooking this part thoroughly will give the meat a nice crisp bite.
  • 5. Once the meat is done, dip it in the tart lemon sauce. Enjoy the unique crisp and bite of the meat.