Origins of our name

TORAJI gets its name from the Korean word for Balloon flower.
The Balloon flower has been used since ancient times as a medicinal herb. With the idea of a balanced diet leading to healthy mind and body, we christened the shop TORAJI.
We aim to provide customers with food that, like the Balloon flower, is beautiful to behold, delicious to eat, and healthful for the body. Each and every day we continue to make strides to better realize this goal.

TORAJI’s commitment

Our shop opened in December 1995 in a small backstreet in Ebisu in Tokyo’s Shibuya-ku.
We felt that serving thicker cuts of meat would convey their delicious taste better, so we offered what at the time were unusually thick cuts.

Brand slogan

Delicious food is a key part of life.

For those days when something special happened…
For those days when you’re preparing for a new challenge ahead…
For those days you want to celebrate someone you love…
Or, just for ordinary days when you want to treat yourself!
On those days and others,
we at TORAJI are delighted to welcome you with the most delicious food.
Our outstanding ingredients and culinary professionals,
not to mention our superb hospitality,
will make this a time to remember.
TORAJI – because delicious meals lead to a richer life.

History of TORAJI

  • 1995
    TORAJI Honten The first store opened
    Smokeless roaster and open kitchen adopted
    Born of Thick-cut beef tongue

  • 1998
    Ebisu-an-ten opened

  • 1999
    Reorganized to Kim Corporation

  • Ginza-8-chome-ten opened first store in Ginza

  • 2000
    Ebisu-en-ten,Ginza-6-chome-ten,Yurakucho-ten opened

  • 2001
    Reorganized to TORAJI
    Harumi-toriton-ten opened first store in Commercial facility
    Hibiya-ten,Akasaka-ten,Shibuya-Parco-ten opened

  • 2002
    TORAJI Chun-Ha-Chu-Dong opened Marubiru opened
    Venus Fort-ten,Ueno-ten,PARAM Caretta Shiodome-ten opened
    Born of Hirekaku TORAJI’s filet

  • 2003
    Central kitchen opened
    Ikusupiari-ten opened first store in Chiba-ken、Kourakuen-ten,Tamagawa-Takashimaya S.C ten opened

  • 2004
    Shonan-ten opened first store in Kanagawa-ken
    Kasumicho-ten opened

  • 2005
    Chubu Centrair International Airport Centrair-ten opened first store in Airport
    Nagoya Central Towers-ten opened first store in Nagoya
    Tsukuba-ten opened first store in Ibaraki
    Born of Black miso sauce

  • 2006
    Haneda-ten opened First FC store
    Ikebukuro-nishiguti-ten,Aoyama-ten,Yaesu-ten,Shinjuku-ten opened

  • 2007
    Central kitchen moved to Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Tsuruyacho-ten, Ginza-core-ten opened

  • 2008
    International forum-yoko-ten, Shinyokohama-ten,Akihabara-ten opened

  • 2009
    Yakiniku TORAJI ILSIM /Teppanyaki Issin opened first store in hotel
    Meieki-3-chome-ten opened
    Born of TORAJI’s Kimchi

  • 2010
    The introduction of free-standing tongs at the opening of our Sunshine restaurant.
    Kyoto-ten opened first store in Kansai
    Roppongi-5-chome-ten, Kyoto-ten opened

  • 2011
    “Culinary Techniques for Yakiniku, charcoal-grilled meat TORAJI way” published

  • 2012
    We have opened in Kamiooka our TORAJI Hana restaurant, the first to serve leafy vegetables, making “a Yakiniku restaurant where you could eat plenty of vegetables” a reality.
    Hana-Nishishinjuku-ten,Hana-SUNAMO-ten,Hana-Kyotosanjyoukiyamati-ten opened
    Asakusa-EKIMISE-ten opened

  • 2013
    Central kitchen certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as “Tokyo Food Hygiene Meister” 
    Chilled distribution of chuck short ribs to our restaurants across the board takes off. Born of Kuroge-wagyu kalbi boneless ribs
    Kyobashi-ten,Ikebukuro-higashiguchi-ten,Ueno-PLAZA U-ten,Shibadaimon-ten,Azabujuban-ten,AEON Mall-makuhari-ten

  • 2014
    Receives Excellent food service industry award for product development by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    Kinshicho-ten,Kanda-ten,Machida-ten,Toyosu-ten,Kitasenju-ten opened

  • 2015
    “TORAJI Shokudo” (eatery), our new enterprise, opens its first restaurant
    Kichijyogi-ten,Shinjuku-touhoubiru-ten,Toressa-yokohama-ten,Cocoon City-ten,Kunitachi-ten opened